Colorado. See It. Experience It. Live It.

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Hi, I am Sondra, the owner and broker of Star View Real Estate and this website.      Thank you for visiting. My hope is that this website will become on of your favorite resources to help you experience and celebrate Colorado’s rural lifestyle.

See It. Experience It. Live It.

I first came up with this slogan because it described how this Texas gal came to live in Colorado. First, I got to SEE Colorado in pictures. I even drove through it once. I thought Colorado was pretty but there are a lot of really pretty places in the world.


Years later, I had the opportunity to EXPERIENCE Colorado Springs. After exploring downtown Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs; driving along the Old Gold Camp road when Aspen’s leaves were shimmering with their golden color; discovering the Helen Hunt waterfalls; climbing the Incline; and jogging through the Garden of the Gods; I was hooked.

I noticed that there were also a lot of horse properties available in the area. As a horse person, this was obviously important to me. Anyway, I decided to LIVE in Colorado Springs. For me, Colorado Springs is an area that allows me to LIVE life. I’ve been in Colorado for nine years now. There is still so much that I have yet to SEE and to EXPERIENCE.


As I real estate broker, I specialize in more than just country properties and horse properties. I specialize in lifestyle properties. In other words, I specialize in properties that reflects a person’s goals, their passions, their lifestyle. For you, this property may be a home, a second home, a ranch or an investment. Regardless, these homes and ranches can allow people, like you, to actually EXPERIENCE the lifestyle. Owning a Colorado home or ranch allows people, like you, to actually LIVE their dreams.

My job as a Photographer, Home Stager, and Realtor is to help sellers allow buyer prospects to SEE their homes. I try to capture the EXPERIENCE so that buyers can envision what it might feel like to actually LIVE that the lifestyle. Coincidentally, my real estate office shares a space with a shop that has art, gifts and other home decor items that celebrates the Colorado country lifestyle.

When I blog, you will notice that I spend a significant amount of time trying to capture the Colorado EXPERIENCE in photographs. It is my hopes that others can SEE Colorado and want to EXPERIENCE Colorado. Who knows, they just might fall in love with Colorado and want to LIVE here.

Lastly, a few years ago, I lost a couple of dear, lifelong friends within a two weeks of each other. I came to realize that life is short. There is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow. Therefore, I want to encourage people to get off the couch. Go out and EXPERIENCE life. Never take your friends and family for granted. LIVE. Make certain that your home suits that lifestyle that you want to LIVE.


The following music video, “Live Like You Were Dying” sums up my passion for life that I sincerely hope translates to my real estate business.

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If I can help you out in anyway,  please do not hesitate to contact me.



Sondra Meyer,

Colorado Lifestyle and Horse Property Specialist – 5 acres and up.

Colorado. See It. Experience It. Live It

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