Hello, My name is Sondra Meyer. Thank you for visiting my website. I am a real estate agent that loves both the Texas coast and the mountains in Colorado.   I am licensed in both Texas and Colorado.    I work with EXP Realty, LLC.    

EXP Realty is an online real estate brokerage that has attracted many of the best real estate agents and teams.   Their model is very innovative.  Not only does it help me, as a real estate agent, be exposed to many of the best minds in the industry on a daily basis; the education, networking and marketing platforms give sellers an edge that other companies can’t provide.    I have been marketing & selling real estate for well over 15 years.

I was also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (Texas) for many years.    As result, I enjoy working with the legal documents and the numbers just as much as I enjoy the marketing side of the business.   This means that I help my sellers find the buyers while making sure that we do not lose any deals as result of sloppy paperwork.   Both aspects are very important.

Areas Served

At the moment, I am spending my  most of my time in Corpus Christi, Texas area.  This area is also known as the Coastal Bend.    Yet, I have EXP team members in Colorado that are able to assist  buyers and sellers.

Service Pledge

I strive to provide my clients with the very best real estate service possible. This includes promptly returning calls, providing honest assessments and personalized real estate services. Every property is unique and is treated as such. I believe in the importance of quality versus quantity.

I feel that I should not have to tell you that I operate with integrity and follow the National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics.  That should be evident in everything that I do and say.  Yet the Realtor associations that I belong to are challenging us to do a better job of educating the public about the Realtor’s Code of Ethics that we follow.  So, I shall be a team player and do my part.

My Background

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Sondra Meyer
Real Estate Broker
sondra.meyer@exprealty.com  361-808-8033 or 719-761-6272

I have been licensed real estate broker in Colorado and Texas.

I am a proud Texas Aggie. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1992 with a degree in Business Administration. In addition to over 15 years of real estate experience, I have also worked as a Certified Public Accountant providing financial advisory services for the Texas A&M System, the University of Colorado and small business owners.

Prior to moving to Colorado, I also taught real estate licensing courses at Blinn Community College, in Bryan, Texas.

I am also an award-winning photographer that is continually seeking to improve my photography skills. Although I will always be a Texan at heart, I have an ongoing love affair with the beautiful state of Colorado. I bought my first home in Colorado in 2010.  Now, I want to help people that want to spend time at the beaches AND  in the mountains.

Real Estate Specialties:   

I enjoy working with buyers and sellers regardless of whether they are a first time home buyer or if they fall into the luxury category.   However over the time, I have taken a lot of additional courses and gained experience in my favorite areas.  These  include:

Waterfront Properties and Condos

After all, when most of us move to a coastal area, we are coming because we want to be around the water.

Horse property and small farm & ranch –

Although I enjoy helping people with purchases and sales of homes in town; I particularly enjoy helping people rural transactions.    I have lived the lifestyle.  I have loved the lifestyle.  I also feel this is an area that many real estate agents do not understand.   After all, they have always happily lived in town.

My family in Colorado has a small, diversified, niche farm that raises poultry, beef  and lamb.   Prior to my deciding to move to the Texas coast, I also raised pigs, goats, beef cattle and racing pigeons.  I love the Colorado country lifestyle.  It is what dreams are made of.

I am a horse person.  I am down to one horse and she lives on the ranch in Colorado.   For better or worse, to this day, my loyalties are still divided between dressage and cutting horses.   I hope fulfill a life long dream later this year by purchasing a Thoroughbred race horse.

Resort & Second Homes

I earned my Resort & Second Home Property  many years ago.   However, it has become much more relevant once I decided to personally split my time between the marinas in Texas and the mountains in Colorado.

Green and Smart Homes-

The National Association of Realtor’s training is the GREEN designation.      While living in Colorado, I became very interested in the prospect of being able to live off the grid.   Ultimately, that is not practical for most people.   However, I have a enjoy helping people find homes that are energy efficient.

A Few Comments About Real Estate Photography 

Quality photography makes a real estate listing stand out.  Sellers should expect quality photography.      Even in a hot seller’s market, quality photographs are important.   They are needed to  attract  buyers that will actually be the most interested in the home.  That is how you will get the best offer

I have been photographing homes, land, ranches and horse properties for about 20 years.  I strive to capture what it feels like to visit and/or live in the home.

In order to get the best photos of a house, I may have to use a little creativity, lots of attention to detail, cameras with multiple lenses, and additional lighting.   The goal of each photograph is to highlight the properties unique features and give buyer prospects an idea of what the house looks like.

To Conclude


Sondra Meyer

(TX) 361-808-9033



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